What Is Beauty?

Beauty is everywhere. Many define beauty by certain standards. Break free of that idea. Beauty can be both a sunset and a blazing fire. It can be a tranquil lake or a raging ocean. It can be light or dark. It can be tall or short, small or large. It can be naked and natural or painted with all the colors of the rainbow. Beauty is kindness, inclusiveness, sharing, and acceptance. Beauty is a smile, a kind word, and thoughtful gesture. Beauty is truly in all of us. Own it, embrace it and share it. A worldly assessment of beauty is simple. Beauty is in everyone and everything. It comes in all shapes, colors, and dimensions. It can be soft and delicate or raw and raging. Search for it, admire it and cherish the uniqueness of it. Don't try to replicate it. Be bold, be quirky, smile and share your idea of beauty with the world. Express yourself with style, shape, color, and imagination. Explore your ideas about beauty. Be proud to look like you. You are special and your beauty is yours. Be you. Whatever that looks like. There is only one you and you are unique. Be your own kind of beautiful!

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