Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is breast cancer awareness month and it comes with many emotions. Love, gratitude and fear. It's a reminder of my journey and my determination to live each day to the fullest. We are not sure what the future holds but we have today to make a difference, to serve others, to share in our community to live authentically and share our story. Your story will be someones inspiration, someones survival list or make someone feel like they are not alone. Sharing is our human nature and that creates healing bonds.

I would not change my diagnosis for anything in the world. It has shaped and guided my life down a path I would have never dreamed of. I have met the kindest most amazing caregivers, lifelong breast friends and it has forced me to live well. To live with purpose, authenticity and to reach my true potential.

Crazy as it seems but cancer literally saved my life. It strengthened my marriage, my children, my friendships and my career. It showed me who my tribe was and what needed to be set free. It made me let go of the baggage that wasn't serving me and helped me see clearly. It opened many doors and shut some but ultimately it gave me another chance to change my life, to impart a healthier lifestyle both physically and mentally, to pause and enjoy the moment and ultimately live fully. Don't make any wasn't easy. It was hard and painful and full of uncertainty. I cried many nights and had to work really hard to rewrite my subconscious and my reclaim my life. I've had to let go of the my limiting beliefs and redefine my future but more importantly be present.

I've made it my mission to heal my cancer, my hurts, my past, my life and everything in between. It was a journey to evolve for myself, my family and my friends. To all of you that have loved and supported me through this, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Jessica Tasa

#BreastCancerAwareness #October #JTLifeByDesign

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