What is Healthy?

Healthy is a term we use often to describe something or someone. We say things like "I'm going to eat healthy" or "I want to be healthy" or "she looks healthy". I've pondered these words over the years and even struggled with what it truly means. I believe to be healthy we need to become curious about ourselves and dig into it's personal meaning and our agenda. We need to ask questions like "why am I doing this", "Why am I eating this", "Why am I thinking this" and "What is my ultimate goal or vision". To be healthy we need to break down our relationship with food, exercise, our thoughts and feelings. We need to look deep at ourselves, our current culture, and our belief systems. Health is an elusive state ever changing. It is a term that we need to build boundaries around, hold space for and accept ourselves and others.The world makes us feel that healthy is a brand, a team, a club of sorts. Everyone wants to be on that team but we all struggle with how and what that really means. For each of us we need to consider health as a collection of parts working together. We cannot be truly healthy if we do all the work and yet think toxic thoughts. We need to cultivate healthy nutrition and exercise choices, healthy relationships, healthy mindset, work habits and an overall healthy attitude towards self and others. We need to be flexible, curious and accepting. We need to incorporate love, a willingness to learn and ultimately have grace for ourselves. We need to find our own balance in each moment and stage of our lives.

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