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JT Life by Design - Offering ‘Nova Threads Near Me’ in Fort Collins

Are you searching for ‘Nova Threads Near Me’ in Fort Collins? If so, come to JT Life by Design. For those who do not know what Nova Threads are, it is an effective, natural anti-aging treatment to correct loose facial skin. Over time, the effects of gravity causes your skin to lax and droop. This creates wrinkles, unwanted lines and creases, such as crow’s feet around the eyes. These effects can add years to a person’s facial features, as well as have a negative affect on their confidence. Nova Threads was created as a solution to this. It is a non-invasive procedure that will provide amazing lifted results without surgery. It simply involves injections using sutures that are specially designed for safe reabsorption by the body. NovaThreads can be placed on the face, neck, or anywhere else on the body where subtle lifting is required.

How Are Nova Threads Put In?

The procedure is started by putting local anesthesia in the areas that are to be treated. After, a small instrument that resembles a needle, is used to insert the threads below the skin. This process can take anywhere from 30-45 minutes. It is a quick natural anti-aging treatment that offers little recovery time, so you can go about your business as soon as you are done.

So if you are searching for ‘nova threads near me’, come to JT Life by Design. Aside from Nova Threads, I offer a variety of natural anti-aging treatments that will help you feel and look younger. My gentle touch and advanced nursing education coupled with natural-looking aesthetics, Integrative knowledge, and professional coaching has given me a unique comprehensive edge to amplify your care and beauty and impart real comprehensive change. Let me guide you on your journey towards beauty, wellness, confidence and joy.

Parking available at the Firehouse parking garage, Jefferson lot and on the street in designated areas.

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