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Are You Searching For A ‘Botox Specialist Near Me’?

Are you searching for a ‘botox specialist near me’? If you are searching for a ‘botox specialist near me’ in Fort Collins, you are in luck. JT Life by Design is the premier facility for botox in Fort Collins. Botox is great for anyone who wants to look younger without undergoing invasive plastic surgery. The procedure itself takes only a few minutes, while the effects can last up to six months. 
How Does Botox Work?     

Botox contains the toxin OnobotulinumtoxinA, which temporarily keeps muscles from moving. It does so by blocking chemical signals sent from nerves that tell your muscles to contract. Contracting muscles, especially in the face, are responsible for creating wrinkles. This is particularly true in the forehead, brow, between the eyebrows, and the edges of the mouth. Botox relaxes facial muscles in areas prone to wrinkles. You end up with a more youthful appearance without having to experience a lot of downtime. Botox injections are safe, and people are able to receive multiple treatments in order to target troubled areas.  These treatments last up to four months.

  • Cosmetic Botox Uses                     

  • Smoothes out any lines in the forehead

  • Minimizes the appearance of crow feet around the eyes

  • Helps with nasal squint lines

  • Smoothes the appearance of lines around the lip

Botox can also be used to treat those who have issues with excessive sweating. So, if you are looking for a place that offers Botox in Fort Collins, please contact me today. My gentle touch and advanced nursing education coupled with natural-looking aesthetics, Integrative knowledge, and professional coaching has given me a unique comprehensive edge to amplify your care and beauty and impart real comprehensive change. Start your journey towards youthfulness today at JT Life by Design.

Parking available at the Firehouse parking garage, Jefferson lot and on the street in designated areas.

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