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Life has been good to me.  I didn't always see it that way.  I use to believe that life was challenging and full of hardships.  Now, I realize they were all opportunities for personal and professional growth to lead me to this moment.  My career in nursing has brought me great joy.  I love serving people and hearing their stories.  But, something was missing.  I wanted more, I craved more.  My own desire to share my gifts and serve others was so overwhelming I decided to expand my skills and add Aesthetic training in 2008. I've have had the pleasure of training with local leaders like

Dr. Jeffrey Raval, Dr. Peter Schmid, Dr. Gregory Buford, and world-renowned Dr. Shino Bay Aguilera. I've worked in Fort Collins in Aesthetic since 2009 and meet the most amazing souls. I am certified in the use of all FDA approved Neuromodulators, Dermal Fillers, and Nova Threads.   I exclusively use Cannulas for Dermal Filler treatments as part of my advanced skillset and for the safety of the client.   

In 2015  I completed a  Professional Wellness Coaching Certification through iPEC and I'm so grateful for the knowledge and power it has given me.  In 2017 I became a Certified Holistic and Integrative Health Care Specialist.   I want to help individuals feel good, look good, and thrive, not simply survive. I felt like the clients in my chair wanted more and I wanted to offer expert aesthetic care as well as current Integrative knowledge to coach them to the next level.

My journey with Breast Cancer has taught me about self-care, skills to reduce stress, healing plant-based whole foods, and other modalities for healing. The real work to heal is the mind-body connection.  My healing path has not been easy but one paved with incredible gifts of friendships, collaborations, and love.  

The power to know that your health is your greatest gift and the most beautiful expression of yourself.  You have the tools to change it.  Emotional health, physical wellbeing/beauty, and ultimately mental and spiritual health is everyone's right.  My gentle touch and advanced nursing education coupled with natural-looking aesthetics, Integrative knowledge, and professional coaching have given me a unique comprehensive edge to amplify your care and beauty and impart real comprehensive change.  I look forward to serving you on your journey to wellness, beauty, confidence, and joy.  May you lead with love, live in the light, and LIVE WELL!

In my leisure time, I enjoy gardening, exploring the great outdoors hiking, biking, and kayaking. Traveling to new and interesting places with my family feeds my soul. I am a foodie at heart and enjoy cooking plant-based foods. I am passionate about supporting local businesses, using environmental resources responsibly, and doing my part to impart inclusivity for all and empowering humans of all walks of life to excel and share their gifts with the world.  I look forward to meeting you and learning about your passions to create a relationship of friendship, safety, and growth. 



A driven busy person who strives to achieve their goals in life while attaining a beautiful glow both inside and out.

Jessica Tasa

Parking available at the Firehouse parking garage, Jefferson lot and on the street in designated areas.

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